Sophia Amargi MFT

Sophia Amargi, MFT

Speaker | Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

MFT License # 41231

Sophia’s artistry as a healer, teacher and therapist lies in her own journey of transformation, moving from the false self of old, constructed stories, to authentic self expression and embodied joy.

“It is everyone’s birth right to be shamelessly and gloriously alive! My commitment is to support and guide each client on their own journey of self-discovery, helping them to find their authentic voice to bring fearless self expression into the world.” ~ Sophia Amargi

Sophia Amargi has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychotherapy from California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. She is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist, certified EMDR provider and supervisor for MFT Interns collecting hours toward licensure.

Sophia works with Teens, Families, Couples and Individuals. Her specialty is in problem solving, solution focused psychotherapy and EMDR.

Sophia will help each client distill the essential aspects of their deepest truth and together they will reset the broken bones and false stories from childhood. It is these old, false stories that so often keep ones stuck in limiting beliefs, fear and shame.

Sophia sees each new experience as an exhilarating opportunity to re-define oneself. She sees the process of developing mastery over adversity and transforming fear, pain, shame along with unpacking and detangling  self limiting beliefs, as a way to transform the experience of self. This creates a new, more authentic story that is the deeper more accurate expression of who you really are.

Personal Mastery Expert

Sophia has consulted for the Juvenile Drug Court in Marin County and provided treatment for teens on probation and their families. She lectures on teen behaviors, provides family restructuring, coaches parents and educators about the most.. Read more »

Sophia provides effective problem solving for couples struggling with intimacy, communication and relationship issues. She uses Imago Therapy along with other modalities to help them deepen their understanding of both self and other.. Read more »

Sophia recognizes that all problems have solutions that are not always apparent in the moment of pain, upset, crisis, conflict or confusion. She gently supports and guides her clients as they develop greater insight and self-awareness. This allows.. Read more »

For over a decade EMDR has been known as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It involves non-invasive, bi-lateral brain stimulation that allows the client to move more quickly through trauma, phobias, and critical incidents. Read more »

Sophia has been trained by Marsha Linehan in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. This is a protocol used in working with Borderline clients, found to be highly effective in helping them regulate emotions. Read more »

Sophia provides supervision to MFT Interns collecting hours towards their state licensure along with individual and group consultation for MFTs.
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Worldly Wisdom

At the age of 16, Sophia began her world travels. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe for many years and completed a portion of her undergraduate studies in London. She backpacked solo around the world when she was in her 30’s. Sophia climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, lived with the Masai in Kenya, tracked gorillas in Zaire, learned to dive in the Scheyelles, and traveled overland by herself across India in order to reach Nepal. Sophia has lived and studied with the Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand as well as other cultures in Asia; participating in and studying their rituals, rites of passage and creation mythologies.

“I hold a frame of Kindness, Compassion and Love for each client, whether Teen, Family, Couple or Individual.  My sole commitment is to journey with each client, where ever the journey takes them and to sheppard the client safely to shore, so that they might rest in the deepest home of all- the true home that is the authentic self.” ~ Sophia Amargi

Her cross cultural experiences inform her work on a deep level and she brings a broad perspective to each individual client, often encouraging them to develop an archetypal hero story of their own as they confront the challenges that arise when courageously addressing the issues that brought them into therapy.